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Sad News

A man who has done a great deal for the cause of bringing early music to a modern audience, Owain Phyfe, has fallen ill. As we write this (August 8, 2012), he is recently back home from the hospital, facing down cancer. Like many performers on the Renaissance fair circuit, he is without insurance (and in that respect, we ask that you take a look at the RESCU Foundation web site and consider helping), and could use your help. The best place to follow what is happening and find out what you can do is the “We Love Owain Phyfe” Facebook group. Note in particular the newly-released For the Benefit of Mr. Phyfe tribute CD (volume one).

UPDATE, September 5, 2012: it is with deep sorrow that we must say here that Owain Phyfe has passed away. Please do visit the “We Love Owain Phyfe” Facebook group and consider purchasing the For the Benefit of Mr. Phyfe tribute CD; Lady Paula can still use your help.

Concentio Agnorum on Facebook

Yes, we succumbed. Come look at our Facebook page. It should give us a way to put out information quickly, without having to edit HTML. Who knows, maybe we’ll start a blog soon!

Updating the Concentio Agnorum web site...

The web site has undergone a long-overdue update not only to its content, but also to its internals.

For a long time, web sites were at the mercy of whatever fonts the viewer happened to have installed. As a result, web pages either stuck to a safe list of likely fonts (with a backup of a generic category like “sans-serif” if even those aren’t available) or put up graphics with text drawn on it. Good luck if you're blind.

Now, though, the @font-face construct lets style sheets reference fonts that you have uploaded just as you upload web pages or graphics. We are making use of it to let you see the web site as we wish it seen. Unfortnately, Internet Explorer only accepts a proprietary file format for @font-face, so if you use it, you'll not see the site as we intend. That and IE's notoriety for security issues and ongoing incompatibilities with web standards cause us to urge you to switch from Internet Explorer to another browser:

Speaking of fonts: we use the following here:

Speaking of updates, we have put in links for at least some of the songs we mention, where we can find them. We did leave one out, namely “Will You Buy a Fine Dog?” That‘s very much not safe for work. If you want to find it, you're on your own.

Concentio Agnorum does its bit for Open Source software!

Here we are concerned with early music, not software, but... Concentio Agnorum uses Free and Open Source software exclusively, and when we saw a chance to help out in a very small way we took it.

There’s a visually breathtaking Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and called MoonOS. The available sources for download of the new version are slow, and we have disk space, so... you can retrieve the ISO file and MD5 file for MoonOS 3.0 (32-bit ISO and MD5, or 64-bit ISO and MD5).

Concentio Agnorum at the Iowa State Fair!

Concentio Agnorum will perform on the first day of the 2012 Iowa State Fair, August 9. We'll be at the Fun Forest stage at noon, 2:00 p.m., and 4:00 p.m.

This year will be our sixth at the State Fair, not a venue one would think of for early music. In 2007, our first year at the Fair, we had the privilege of performing with the famous Tubador. We played a Praetorius volta, and still hope that in the future we can perhaps play de la Torre's “Alta” or, if we can find a fourth to fill in, the “Gloria” from Dufay's Missa ad modum tubae, with the Tubador's assistance.

Concentio Agnorum streaming!

Concentio Agnorum has the honor of being played on a fine audio stream.

BeOS Radio perhaps needs a bit of background. It started out as a way to promote the BeOS operating system by featuring performers who used it. Later, any performer or group whose works are original or in the public domain and not subject to the iron whim of the RIAA could send them music to play. More recently, they've “fine-tuned” their format, and no longer play pop or rock. Despite this, they still live up to their “Extreme Variety” tag, and, in foolscap’s personal opinion, are just about the perfect radio station. (This seems odd, since they’re not actually on radio, but...)

Concentio Agnorum Paraphernalia!

Concentio Agnorum has succumbed to the temptation to put silly things up for purchase at a Café Press store. At our store you can get bumper stickers and T-shirts, and we'll come up with more things, and more silly text to choose from for said things, as time goes on.

Concentio Agnorum on CD!

Concentio Agnorum has come out with its first CD, Five Early Pieces. The title is a bit of misnomer, as it also contains a sixth bonus track.

Also, Concentio Agnorum appears on Songs of the Faire, an anthology of artists who have appeared at the Siouxland Renaissance Festival.

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